maxiBOWdaxi -groomed dogs are dapper, happy, and healthy!   Each maxi-BOW-daxi grooming session starts with a deep-cleansing bath in the comfort of a calm mobile grooming environment (serving Arlington and Alexandria, VA) or our “By Appointment Only” boutique grooming salon located at 502 E. Church Street in Frederick, Maryland.  Your pup gets individual attention without the stress of being around other dogs or long wait times associated with traditional grooming salons.  Each dog is hand-dried (no cage dryers are used for your pet's safety).   Earth and pet-friendly shampoos are offered as an option for a natural approach to a healthier skin and coat.  Your pet receives individual attention using gentle techniques.  


  • Bath & Brush

  • Full Groom with Haircut

  • Nail Trim

 (Prices for services vary depending on the condition of your dog's coat and the service your would like. To receive an estimate for dog:

* Arlington/Alexandria, Virginia Clients - Please send an email to OR call 703-907-9719. Your email or call will be returned the same or next business day.  

*Frederick, Maryland Clients - Our Frederick Salon is located at 502 E. Church Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701 (Store Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) To schedule your appointment please email OR call (or text) 240-422-7921 on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. Your call/email will be returned at noon or 6 p.m. the same day (during regular store hours). Please do not use the web form to contact the Frederick Salon.

Mobile Grooming Benefits: 

  • Convenient Curbside Service right in your driveway or parking lot.

  • Calm environment that provides individual attention for your dog.

  • Natural shampoos, biodegradable towels & water conserving techniques used

Boutique Salon Grooming Benefits: 

  • Individual or small group setting that eliminates long wait times in kennels and the stress your pet may experience being around other dogs.

  • Calm environment that provides individual attention for your dog.

  • Natural shampoos and spa treatments available.


Matting:  Mats can happen in the life of a dog,  but we believe dogs should be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks to prevent matting or kept in a short, low-maintenance haircut to prevent mats which can irritate the skin, harbor fleas or ticks or cause sores and hot spots.  Dogs with excessive matting will be referred to your vet.  

Fleas: Fleas can easily spread to other dogs in a grooming environment. If you know your dog has fleas or flea eggs please contact your vet to receive treatment.  maxiBOWdaxi will look at your dog's  skin prior to your appointment and will refer you to your vet if flea infestation is present.  When this happens your appointment will be rescheduled for a date after your pet has been treated for fleas. 

Fees: Grooming fees are set based on breed, coat condition, disposition for grooming and overhead costs.  Pricing cannot be negotiated and discounts cannot be given to multiple dog households. 

Nail Trim Service: Our mobile service offers trims as part of the "Bath & Brush" or "Full Groom" service. It is also available to multiple-dog house holds (at this time it is not available to single dog house holds because of the overhead associated with operating the mobile salon). Our Frederick salon, offers a la carte services such as nail trimming.


* Arlington/Alexandria Clients- Please call  703-907-9719  or  email ( Cancellation policy:  Missed appointments must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  A no show or cancellation after the 24 hour period will be charged a $30 missed appointment fee)

*Frederick, Maryland Clients- The Frederick salon is now open! Please call (or text)240-422-7921 or email to schedule your appointment (Please do not use the web form to send messages to the Frederick salon)